June 28 - July 1, 2018


June 29- July 2, 2017

Classes (other than Pro Mod)

June 29- July 2, 2017

10.5, 275, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Doorslammers



Doorwarz Six


June 28- July 1, 2018

A new class has been added for 2018. Limited 275. It will be based off the 235 Limited Class at SCSN Las Vegas with some slight modifcations to the rules, such as 275 tire or 28x10.5 tire with a weight break for a 235 or 26x8.5 tire. It is a Heads up 1/8 Mile class. The payouts are not fully locked down yet but will be roughly $1000 to win . Contact Kevin Ness or Bobby Ehlers for more info. (contact through their facebook pages).

The other classes will of course be Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Open Comp, Top Sportsman, and Canada West Doorslammer.

Hoosier NW is a new sponsor for the race. Thanks to Paja Agatonovic two sets of Hoosiers will be awardedto the winner of both Outlaw 275 and Outlaw 10.5. They will sponsor the three races in the NW for 2018. Seattle's event, Mission's Doorwarz and the Spokane race.

2017 final round results

Pro Mod-------Garrett Richards, R/U Shane Molinari

Outlaw 10.5 ----------Paja Agatonovic, R/U Ken Sihota

Outlaw 275.---------- Jordie Lazic , R/U Steve Skokins

Open Comp----------Winner Craig Johnson, R/U Jason Gibson

Top Sportsman------Race 1 winner Darren Williams, R/U John De Jonge, Race 2------Darren Williams, R/U James Rutherford.

Doorslammers------ Winner Paul De Bree Jr, R/U Grant Howell

Top Street---------- Winner Jay Graw, R/U Reese Lingren



Archives from 2017............


Top Sportsman Competitors:

Rules for Doorwarz are Advanced ET rules not NHRA Top Sportsman rules. You do not need a Head/Neck Restraint. And ET requirement is 8.49 or quicker.

Doorslammer and Top Sportsman lists are potential entrants. I am guessing the Doorslammer list is pretty accurate.

CW Doorslammers

1. Paul Stretch
2. Kevin Lance
3. Rick Limb
4. Dale Grasdal
5. David Hean
6. Brian Ritchie
7. John West
8. Gene Fleury
9. John DeJonge
10. Kirk Lanz
11. Mike Bedsworth
12. Jeff Hill
13. Thomas Gronmyr
14. Rhys Ingham
15. Grant Howell
16. Otto Schulte
17. Tim Vogt
18. Al Morin
19. Scott Robinson
20. Rod LeClaire
21. Phil Davis
22. Jason Field
23. Greg Feal
24. Kash Sandhu
25. Paul Dubree Jr
26. Ray Bollinger
27. Mark Thompson


67 Nova BB Chevy
57 Chevy BB Chevy
567 Nova BB Chwvy Nitrous
68 Chevelle BB Chevy Nitrous
68 Camaro BB Chevy
68 Chevy BB Chevy
57 Chevy Bb Chevy
86 Grand National V6 Turbo
68 Camaro BB Chevy
69 Camaro BB Chevy
Cutlass BB Chevy
55 Chevy BB Chevy Nitrous
Nova BB Chwvy
70 Nova BB Chevy Nitrous
37 Chevy BB Chwvy
2002 Cavalier Bb Chevy
86 Corvette BB Chevy
70 Chevelle Bb Chevy
Beretta BB Chevy
68 Camaro Bb Chevy Nitrous
41 WIllys Supercharged Bb Chevy
Nova Bb Chevy Nitrous
Opel BB Chevy T.Turbo
689 Camaro Bb Chevy Nitrous
66 Valiant Bb Chevy
68 Camaro BB Chevy
57 Studebaker BB Chevy

Top Sportsman

1. Kirk Lanz
2. Mike Lucas
3. Greg Anderson
4. Rod Le Claire
5. John De Jonge
6. Dave Kowalski
7. Darren WIlliams
8. James Rutherford
9. Rod Boivin
10. Otto Schulte
11. Brian Ritchie
12. Dale Grasdal
13. Joe Loch
14. Pat McNally
15. James Bast
16. Scott Robinson
17. Dean Bettenspn
18. Graham Foster
19. Dale Phillips
20. Ross Fuare
21. Rhys Ingham
22. Ray Bollinger


37 Chevy


Pro Modified
Outlaw 10.5
Outlaw 275

1. Mike Gondziola 15 corvette (Nitrous
2. Keith Korecki 69 Shelby Mustang Nitrous
3. Tom Meheden 1997 Beretta Nitrous
4. Dale Pedersen 2005 Monte Carlo SB Twin Turbo
5. Kerry Stone 68 Camaro twin turbos
6. Paul Glandon 69 Camaro Twin Turbo
7. Jay Syvertsen 57 Chevy Screw Blown
8. Garrett Richards 2013 Mustang Screw Blown
9. Rick Di Stefano Turbo Camaro
10. Jeff Doyle Turbo Firebird
11. Yvonne Lucas Nitrous Camaro
12. Gary Urlacher 63 Corvette Nitrous
13. Dan Vogt Nitrous 63 Corvette
14. Tom Reithmayer 75 Mustang Roots blown
15. Wade Sjostrom 57 Chevy Screw Blown
16. ??????????????
17. Dal Sangha 2010 Mustang sb twin Turbos
18. Steve Horne 41 Willys Roots blown
19. Glen May Screw blown Thunderbird
20. Dean Bettenson 57 chevy screw
21. Joe Loch 2016 Camaro Sonnys All Motor Hemi
22. Mike Wiess Corvette (Blown)
23. Terry Spargo 2004 Cavalier All Motor
24. Jeff Hill 55 Chevy Nitrous
25. Aaron Linder 63 Corvette Pro Charger
26. Garry Weslosky Camaro Nitrous
27. Scott Blake Camaro Nitrous
28. Steve Goddard GXP Nitrous
29. Gary Racich Cuda Nitrous
30. Toni Moretto 55 Chevy Nitrous

The Pro Mod listed above is real optimistic. The first 15 are pretty much confirmed. Not on the list is perennial late round finisher Joe Delehay. He was injured playing hockey a few month's ago and will not race this year. Dal Sangha is real close, with his new BAE Hemi TT combo. Steve Horne had major surgery a few months ago, but he is hoping he can get behind the wheel. Glen May
hopefully shows but he is like a hermit. I don't think Dean Bettenson's new Pro Mod is close as well. The bottom five on the list all have top notch cars but these Alberta guys are a bit unpredictable

1. Dean Branham Twin Turbo 69 Cuda
2. Steve Nicholson 63 Corvette 959 Sonnys
3. Ken Sihota 833 Foulton 2000 Firebird
4. Brent Van Vliet 540 BB Chevy TT 68 Camaro
5. Mike Walterson Supercharged bb Nova
6. Roy Moznik 833 Fulton 68 El Camino
7. Paja Agatonovic 909 Sonny Nitrous 68 Camaro
8. Nick Duda 63 Corvette Small Bloch single turbo
9. Chad Abougoush 68 Cuda Hemi Nitrous
10. Darryl Stone 67 Nova 540 BB chevy TT
11. Wade Bulych Corvette TT
12. Rick Barnard TT Ford BB
13. Ryan Griffin Mustang TT

14. New car ran at the divisional a couple weeks ago from Kelowna, don't know the guys name.


This list is based on 2016 Doorwarz IV entries.

1. Ron Pease Nova
2. Nick Richards Camaro
3. Tyler Levy Mustang
4. Kevin Degano
5. Neil Richards Ford Fairmont
6. Jordan Lazic Nova
7. Daniel Rodrigue Malibou
8. Greg Henschell Mustang
9. Jason Berkenbos Camaro
10. Jake Van Vliet Chevy II
11. Miguel Foitinho Mustang
12. Pat Hearn
13. Scott Schulhauser Mustang
14. Mark Campbell Mustang
15. Tej Sangha Mustang
16. Mark Jakab
17. Charlie Eden (possibly)

2017 list

Others not pre entered, working on cars or not sure yet

Tom Marshall Mustang
Steve Skokin 81 mustang 400 sbf
Chris McGraa Mustang
Alex Dewolf mustang sbf
Justin Gallant mustang sbf
Robbie Murphy Mustang 355 sb
Kevin Ness 89 Mustang sbf
Kyle Kolinsky Mustang
Darren Derocher 79 Mustang 429 BBF
Jeff Peters Malibu 548 bbc
Vanessa Richards Mustang
Parm Jawanda TT Mustang





May 5, 2017

Year five for the largest Doorcar race in Canada is a month and a half away. Rule are under review so a few of the class pages are not set. The 275 class looks to be the one with the biggest growth and they do have their rules set for 2017. They are posted here.

Updates for 2017 will be ongoing until race time.

Classes for 2017 are Pro Mod, Outlaw 10.5, Outlaw 275, Top Sportsman, CW Doorslammers and Open Comp. Other bracket classes will be running again in 2017.








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